St Francis of Assisi – Part II

May 12, 2010

I just watched the Cameron Boy’s speech; the first from our newly unelected Prime Minister.

Successfully, in but a few carefully chosen words, he managed to plumb the depths of his shallowness. He doesn’t just ooze insincerity; he sweats it, like an over-lit, am-dram prima donna on an under-rehearsed first night.

Each time Brown rises from the backbenches, Cameron’s expensively tutored self-assurance will battle the unfortunate and corrosive truth that he’s an illegitimate, lightweight, loser.

That might be unfair; remember the Tory PPB on the Hung Parliament Party?

“Under-the table deals will be the order of the day and policies will be bickered over by those more interested in serving their careers than their country.”

That’s precisely what it said.

Now I never accused him of not being prescient; though it does strike me, given the figures, that it’s rather more likely to have been a self-fulfilling prophesy.


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