Sky’s the limit…..

May 11, 2010

Sports news just in – despite 4 goals in extra time, United can only draw with Chelsea and the 2011 FA Cup Final fails to produce a winner.

Let’s go over to Sky’s former political editor, Adam Boulton, who’s with Sir Alex Ferguson on the touchline at Wembley.

Boulton “Sir Alex, your team failed to beat Chelsea this afternoon, so surely you must let them have the cup as worthy winners. They scored more goals today than in their last 3 finals and on goal difference this is their best cup run since Peter Osgood played No.9 for them in the 1970s. Your team on the other hand gave its worst performance for 13 years and let in more goals than for some time.”

Sir Alex “That’s fitba f’ya. They played errr…very well and with errrr….players out wi knew wi’d struggle at the back, but wi held them well, they didn’ae win.”

Boulton “Chelsea supporters are saying this is a blatant piece of gamesmanship on your part. Do you think British football supporters actually want you to have the cup? There is one team that won, they had more possession of the ball, more shots on goal, fewer yellow cards, fewer fouls, and even a goal controversially disallowed.”

Sir Alex “That mebee. They spent more than me on players too, but errrr.. they didn’ae score enough goals to win. What am I supposed to say to Chelsea – ye did’nae put away the chances you shouldha, errrr.. ye didn’ae score the goals ye said ye would, but here y’are anyway, take the cup? They didn’ae score enough goals to win it.
Adam, you’re obviously a wee upset that John Terry isn’ae running roond Wembley wi’tha cup.”

Boulton “No I’m not. Don’t keep saying what I think. Don’t keep telling me what I think. I’m fed up with you telling me what I think etc, etc…. ad nauseum.”

PS I’ve been told that Adam Boulton apparently has form for this sort of thing – see 4.00 onwards on the link below:-


One Response to “Sky’s the limit…..”

  1. Msvirago said

    Much as I cant abide football – this made me laugh.

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